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Why Eden?

In 2011, a group of people were called to start a new church community that would serve the city of Portland. The new work was sponsored by First Church of the Nazarene. As the core group gathered, prayed, and shared their hearts for this new ministry, under the leadership of Pastor Jason Veach, Eden Community Church was born.

Eden is a Hebrew word meaning delight and in the first book of the Bible, the Garden of Eden represents God’s intention for the world: people living in peace-filled relationship with God, each other, and creation.

Though we confess that our world and its people (including us!) are broken by sin, we also believe that the Good News of Jesus is the embodiment of God’s mission to heal and restore creation.

The prophet Ezekiel speaks of Eden as a picture of God’s restorative work: “And when I bring you back, people will say, ‘This former wasteland is now like the Garden of Eden! The abandoned and ruined cities now have strong walls and are filled with people!’ (Ezekiel 36:35, NLT)

We believe that the resurrection of Christ has given birth to a new world that is bursting forth right in the midst of this broken one, much like a plant bursts forth from the ground. We also believe that by the power of the Holy Spirit, we are incorporated into a new community called the Church where we can be restored and in the process, become agents of restoration and healing for others.

Eden is not just a future hope. It is a way of living here and now, even as we pray for God’s kingdom to come and God’s will to be done. This is our vision of church. Come be part of our story!


Eden Community Church is a part of the International Church of the Nazarene. We embrace the historic creeds of the Christian faith and are guided by the agreed statement of belief of the Church of the Nazarene. Our local church’s ministry is guided by the lead pastor, pastoral staff, and a team of elected leaders from the congregation.

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